The BRAiN Laboratory. Brain Aging: Intervention and Neuroimaging

We study the mechanisms of decline, maintenance, and plasticity of the adult and aging brain. We are interested in how brain health translates to cognitive performance in aging.

We aim to understand the neural and physiological mechanisms underlying the beneficial effects of lifestyle (physical activity, aerobic fitness, occupation complexity) on the aging brain and mind.

We use different types of Magnetic Resonance Imaging to study brain structure and function. The techniques we use include: diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), task and resting state functional MRI (fMRI), volumetric anatomical scans, and elastography.

To study lifestyle effects on the brain we analyze data from lifestyle interventions (randomized control trials) and samples with long-term training or exposure (e.g. professional dancers and athletes).

Our aim is to help people live longer and healthier lives.

Learn more about our reserach on an extraordinary athlete, Olga Kotelko, covered by NYT, Prevention magazines, and the Monitor in Psychology.

Click here for media buzz (CNN, New York Times and more) on our 2017 study: we detected age-related decline in brains of healthy older in just 6 months and showed how dance and physical activity can slow it down.

Our reserach in CNN and ABCnews and Runnersworld.